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For over 38 years we at Griffin & Matthews have focused on the wants and needs of our clients and have conscientiously provided them with guidance.

We believe that what clients need is a law firm willing and capable of PROTECTING THEIR POSITION. We take a practical and realistic approach whether you have a contract claim, construction or real property dispute, family law matter, claim for personal injury, or simply find yourself in need of risk assessment.

We believe you want your company to GROW. We can help make that happen. In the real world, no two transactions are alike. They always have some element of complexity that requires both technical proficiency and a deep understanding of how business gets done in the world. Whether corporate, M&A, or operational issues, we can help get you where you want to be.

Clients need their REAL ESTATE or ENERGY DEAL done right. We have the lawyers who can make it happen how, and when, you need. Whether in a period of growth or turbulence, real estate and energy transactions require lawyers with the experience and understanding of the legal and business side of the deal.

We believe clients want TRUSTED BUSINESS ADVISORS. We partner with our clients. Whether it's a dispute that might end in court, critical negotiations, a transaction, or the analysis of strategic alternatives, we have helped clients for over 38 years assess and marginalize risk, seize business opportunities, and if necessary, litigate and defend claims. We care for our clients like we care for our families. Your growth is our growth.

We believe clients want to UNDERSTAND THEIR OPTIONS. Once we at Griffin & Matthews understand the landscape and your objectives, we use the most practical approach to provide you with the good, bad, and ugly options, the risk/reward, cost, and time to completion. Once assessed, and a strategy devised, we move efficiently to reach the objective.

We believe that what you want is PEACE OF MIND. We understand the sensitivity, agitation, and stress caused by disputes and transactions; we are mindful of their effect on all aspects of life, both in business and family. We make a special effort to understand the people and dynamics involved in making every litigation and transactional decision.

We act as outside general counsel for our emerging and established clients in the areas of commercial and personal injury litigation, corporate formation, operations, mergers and acquisitions, business disputes, energy, real estate, estates and wealth management, and family matters.

Our long standing reputation with our clients and the legal community has made us a consistent choice for referrals. If you are interested in learning more about Griffin & Matthews please stop by our office on the West Side of Houston in the Energy Corridor.